Delbert Boone

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Marijuana Narrated by Delbert Boone

A common misconception in the United States is that marijuana use is not harmful, or that it is not as dangerous as "hard" drugs such as cocaine and heroin. The truth is that marijuana is as addictive as those drugs, causes lasting physical and psychological damage, and leads to use of other drugs, criminal activity, incarceration and even death. Delbert Boone explains how understanding the effects of marijuana use is the key to recovery. He tells how chemicals in marijuana collect in the walls of brain cells and impair the user's ability to reason, affect memory, coordination and perception. Resin from marijuana settles into the lungs, impairing respiration and potentially causing cancer. Marijuana also causes Amotivational Syndrome, such that the user loses interest in goals in favor of obtaining drugs, leading to criminal activity. Although targeted to a group of inmates in a correctional facility, the information in this program is relevant to anyone using marijuana or other drugs, including young people who feel pressured to start.
High School - Adult              30 min.              1997             V-212

High School - Adult