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Alcohol: the Medical Consequences, pt. 1 - SPANISH

According to Dr. Keppler, alcohol is the most accessible and commonly used and abused drug by people of all ages. In terms of being harmful to your health, it is also the substance that people think of least. But the reality, as shown in this series, is that alcohol is far from harmless. Computer graphics and brain scans illustrate precisely what alcohol is capable of inside the human body. Part One focuses on alcohol's effects on the pharynx, throat, stomach, pancreas, and liver. Dr. Keppler explains that alcohol's unique tendency to remain in the body considerably longer than other drugs bathes these organs in toxic material for extended periods. A bonus Q&A segment follows.
Adult         30 min.           2004            V-8013

Alcohol: The Medical Consequences, pt. 2 - SPANISH

Part Two discusses alcohol's target organ: the brain. Viewers learn how alcohol affects the chemistry, biology, and structure of the brain. Additional topics include effects on skeletal, heart, and hormonal systems. A bonus Q&A segment follows.
Adult             31 min.                  2004             V-8014

The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much (El Gato Que Bebia Demasiado)

The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much is a delightful tale that deals with addiction in a positive, non-threatening way. It started innocently enough for Pat, the cat. Pat would have a drink or two with meals but then one day Pat began sneaking drinks. Pat had become obsessed with drinking. After a short time even drinking was not enough, so Pat began experimenting with other substances. Finally, Pat, the cat couldn't take it anymore. Pat needed help and the help was there. Narrated by Julie Harris.
All Ages       12 min.          2004           V-8001

All Ages
The Dog Who Dared To Keep Kids Off Drugs and Alcohol - SPANISH

Meet Ralph (a street-smart border collie) and his young friends, some of who are thinking about experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, Ralph is the dog who dared to keep kids off drugs and alcohol. Much more than a 'just say no' message, this prevention video is fun and upbeat and helps kids to realize the dangers of drugs and alcohol, while giving them some positive alternatives. The Dog Who Dared will reach out to children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. It also addresses issues like self-esteem and peer-pressure and promotes abstinence.
Grades 6 - 12            25 min.           1992           V-8006

Grades 6 - 12
Drug Education for Teens/Alcohol & Alcoholism, v. 1 (cc)

In Alcohol & Alcoholism, viewers learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse and the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence, while the many factors involved in the disease of alcoholism are highlighted. Whether it is beer, wine or liquor, alcoholic beverages all belong to a class of drugs known as depressants and use can lead to dependence and addiction. Viewers explore the devastating long- and short-term effects of alcoholism through candid interviews with users and family members, and learn about treatment options for those suffering from alcoholism.
Grades 7 - College             23 min.         2004          DVD-4163   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Alcohol: Teenage Drinking, v. 2 (cc)

Advertising portrays alcohol consumption as fun, relaxing, romantic, exciting and adventurous. Yet, alcohol is the most abused drug in the world, and one that is often abused by teens with tragic consequences. In Alcohol: Teenage Drinking, students will get the facts on how alcohol affects the brain and body, with vivid animations explaining how drinking impairs motor skills and judgment. This compelling video encourages viewers to ask hard questions about the risks and benefits of drinking, highlighting some tragic personal stories with teen interviews and explanations from experts. This program approaches the topic with straight talk about the dangers of binge drinking and the choices teens are faced with every day.
Grades 7 - College              23 min.             2004             DVD-4164   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Club Drugs, v. 3

Ecstasy, GHB and ketamine are among a number of 'designer drugs' that are often taken by teens at clubs, parties and all-night raves. Club Drugs gives viewers an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the effects these drugs have on the user, both physically and mentally. First-person accounts powerfully relate the damaging and often lethal consequences of use, while vivid animations illustrate how these drugs can irreversibly alter the chemistry of the brain.
Grades 7 - College             23 min.              2003                 DVD-73   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Cocaine & Crack, v. 4 (cc)

Cocaine is a highly addictive and widely abused stimulant. In Cocaine & Crack, students delve into the history of cocaine and examine this dangerous drug's impact on the individual and society as a whole. With vivid animations and gritty interviews, students learn harsh facts about the effects of using both the powder and crystal form of cocaine. This program explores the desperate cycle of tolerance, physical dependence and addiction that many abusers face and showcases the physical and psychological damage that occurs as cocaine changes the brain's chemistry.
Grades 7 & up           23 min.           2003           DVD-74   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Hallucinogens, v. 5 (cc)

Mind-altering drugs known as hallucinogens are powerful substances that can bring about changes in perception that may last for hours, days or, in the worst cases, forever. Hallucinogens takes an in-depth look at the history of drugs such as LSD and points out a frightening link between drug use and mental illness. Interviews with former users and experts allow students to see how dangerous 'tripping' can be, affecting the lives of not only drug users but everyone around them. 
Grades 7 & up            23 min.             2003            DVD-75   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Heroin & Other Opiates, v. 6 (cc)

People have grown opium poppies for thousands of years, but not because they're pretty. Powerful drugs called opiates come from these plants. Opiates are among the most potent painkillers known to medicine, but when they are misused the consequences can be illness, addiction and death. In Heroin & Other Opiates, students learn how highly effective pain relievers such as morphine and codeine work in the brain and body, while getting an in-depth look at the dangers of one of the most widely used illegal drugs in the world -- heroin. Tolerance, physical dependence and the horrors of addiction are discussed along with the harsh facts about withdrawal and the long-term effects of opiate abuse.

Grades 7 & up           23 min.         2003            DVD-76   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Inhalants, v. 7 (cc)

It's tragic, but true: Sniffing readily-available household products kills. Inhalants explains the dangers of breathing in toxic substances with animations and graphics that illustrate what happens to the brain and body when it is exposed to poisons. Because no matter what you call it -- sniffing, huffing, ragging -- inhaling chemical fumes to get high is breathing poison. Students will learn of the extreme danger from the vapors of volatile solvents and will hear the terrifying stories of kids whose lives were lost because they weren't aware of the deadly ramifications of inhalants. A segment illustrates how abusing gases like nitrous oxide is far from a laughing matter. 
Grades 7 & up            23 min.          2004            DVD-77   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Marijuana, v. 8 (cc)

It's referred to as weed, hemp, cannabis or pot, but regardless of what you call it, marijuana is arguably the most widely used illegal drug today. But what does smoking pot do to your mind and body? In Marijuana, students explore the physical consequences of abuse as well as the controversy surrounding its medicinal uses. Amazing animations give viewers an in-depth look at the short- and long-term impact that marijuana has on the brain. Interviews with users and experts explain the crippling effect that marijuana can have on the motivation, memory and future of even the most casual user. 

Grades 7 & up          23 min.         2004          DVD-78   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Methamphetamine & Other Stimulants, v. 9 (cc)

What are stimulants? Where do drugs like methamphetamine come from? And what happens to the body and mind of someone who abuses them? This compelling video answers these questions and more with first-person accounts from young addicts and leading experts. Students get an in-depth look at the effects stimulants have on the body, while examining the deadly consequences of methamphetamine use. Physical dependence and tolerance are discussed along with the harsh facts about withdrawal and the long-term effects of drug use. 

Grades 7 & up       23 min.     2003         DVD-79   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Steroids, v. 10 (cc)

Everybody strives to be a winner, and on the playing field, most athletes do this by exercising and eating right. Unfortunately, steroid use by high school athletes trying to take a shortcut and gain an edge is gaining in practice. In Steroids, students examine the use of illegal anabolic steroids and steroidal supplements, profiling case studies that provide a comprehensive overview of the detrimental effects these drugs can have. Vivid animations and expert testimony shed light on what is happening to the mind and body of a steroid user, whose quest to look healthier and more fit ends up doing just the opposite.

Grades 7 & up        23 min.        2003        DVD-80   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Teenage Depression & Suicide, v. 11 (cc)

Being a teenager is a huge challenge, and while it's normal for teenagers to feel sad or stressed, there can be times in a teen's life when sadness engulfs them. While "depression" is a normal human emotion, when feelings of depression persist for a lengthy period and interfere with a person's ability to function, it becomes a mental health issue. In Teenage Depression & Suicide, students will get the lowdown on the causes, symptoms and treatments available for those suffering from depression, outfitting students with the necessary tools to deal with both friends and themselves. 

Grades 7 & up        23 min.        2003        DVD-81   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Drug Education for Teens/Tranquilizers & Other Depressants, v. 12 (cc)

Tranquilizers are prescription drugs that belong to a group of substances known as depressants. While they have been used legally throughout history to induce sleep, relieve stress and reduce anxiety, these drugs are easily abused and are no safer than street drugs. Tranquilizers & Other Depressants introduces students to the history of drugs like barbiturates, benzodiazepines and other substances known as "date rape drugs." Compelling animations explain the effects they have on the chemistry of the brain and the body. Students will get a clear understanding of the consequences of abuse and dependence through user interviews and expert testimony, as well as learning about the treatment options that are open to those in need. 

Grades 7 & up        23 min.       2003      DVD-82   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Dying High: Teens in the ER/Spanish (cc)

This hard hitting, reality based video gives viewers a chance to see what goes on inside the nation's emergency rooms as doctors treat teens for some of the most common types of injuries among young people: drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, car wreck traumas and more. Dying High offers a glimpse into the nightmarish reality of what can happen when young people take risks with their health, their safety and even their lives. New federal data indicates a 20% increase in drug-related ER visits for teens under the age of 17. Yet drug-related emergencies are only part of the bigger picture. This video presents a series of episodes, which allow viewers to see common life-and-death ER moments. The goal of this high-powered video is to remind teens that risk-taking behaviors can often lead to serious injury and death. Activities in the Teacher's Resource Book allow students to continue their exploration of this subject.
Junior High - High School            26 min.            2003            V-8016

Junior High - High School
El Carro Nuevo (The New Car)

The story of a young Chicano arrested for drunk driving and how it affected his work and family life.
High School - Adult            21 min.           1976           DVD-8000

High School - Adult
Isn't It Great That Treatment Works PSAs

Peek-A-Boo (Drugs), Hide & Seek (Alcohol) , "Birthday Party" (Drugs), Birthday Party (Spanish, Drugs)
All Ages            2 min.           2003           V-8004

All Ages
It's Only Beer - SPANISH

Examines how alcohol can affect behavior, judgment, and performance. Mimes act out what beer can do to an individual and demonstrate a series of effective refusal tactics. Colorful computer graphics and candid street interviews provide additional interest.
Junior High - High School               14 min.            1991             V-8005

Junior High - High School
Know Your Dose/Spanish


The Know Your Dose campaign is bringing together healthcare professionals, retailers, manufacturers, caregivers, and others to help spread the word on how to appropriately use acetaminophen. From the healthcare professional's office to the pharmacy counter to health clinics, our goal is to help the public recognize and understand how to appropriately take medicines containing acetaminophen.

Air a 30-second educational video in English (or a two-minute animated video in Spanish) in waiting rooms, clinics and health fairs.


Adult   2 minutes   2013   DVD-8026

La Cocaina y la fisiologia humana [Cocaine: Human Physiology]

A Physician clearly describes the chemical's damaging effects on the human body, using actual medical pictures.
High School - Adult                20 min.            1987           V-8002

High School - Adult
Life in the Community for All or "Vida en la Comunidad Para Todos"

This Spanish/English BILINGUAL DVD, which can be viewed on a television or computer, is a resource that can help Hispanic families address the challenges they might face in adapting to a new country or culture. The DVD is organized into topical chapters addressing acculturation, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and prevention, among others. Dramatizations of real-life scenarios add to the instruction and experts lend commentary throughout the film.
High School - Adult            29 min.           2003           DVD-8020

High School - Adult
Mariguana y la fisiologia humana [Marijuana: Human Physiology]

This video dispels the belief that marijuana is harmless. A physician discusses the physical and psychological effects the drug has on the body. After seeing this program, not even the most skeptical can deny that there are high risks involved in using this drug.
High School - Adult              22 min              1985              V-8007

High School - Adult