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Challenge Day

The Challenge Day DVD includes two short and powerful documentaries: a 15 minute excerpt from the Emmy award winning "Teen Files: Surviving High School" and the entire 23 minutes "The Bully Solution".
High School            38 min.           2005            DVD-5041

High School
Cliques: Where Do You Fit In? (cc)

Explains the nature of cliques, why they develop, how clique leadership controls members, how at best cliques help establish group identity, and how at worst they can be destructive. Using an attention-grabbing mix of student interviews and cartoon animations, program provides insight and perspective into the lives of young teens who are "in with the 'in' crowd" as well as those who are on the outside looking in. Answering the question, "Am I popular?" takes on new meaning as students weigh the pros and cons of exclusionary friendships. Demonstrates that friendships with a wide range of students are both enriching and necessary for a fully developed personality and life experience; and that by building awareness and tolerance students can avoid the down side of cliques. A guidance counselor and two young hosts offer advice about how to deal with being excluded, avoid social bullying, and find support from friends.

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Grades 5 - 9            15 min.           2010          DVD-5134

Grades 5 - 9
Coping With Disruptive Life Changes (cc)

This program showcases the real stories of several teens who coped with major disruptions in their lives. One teen describes how her parents’ divorce caused her to rebel in school until, with the help of a school counselor, she rejected her gang-related friends and got her life back on track despite being pregnant. Another young woman shares how she dealt with the tumult of her mother’s relapse into addiction after her family lost their business and house to bankruptcy. Her involvement with a theater group and the support of good friends helped her eventually conquer her depression. A boy whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer speaks about how he dealt with his bottled-up fear and anxiety by opening up to his grandmother. The program emphasizes the importance of being patient, having realistic expectations and seeking out people who can provide help and support. On-screen experts provide creative tips for adapting, coping and growing. DVD contains Spanish subtitles.

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Grades 7 - College             22 min.              2010        DVD-4215 

Grade 7 - College
Country Boys (Outreach and Education Module)

From David Sutherland, acclaimed director of THE FARMER'S WIFE, comes Country Boys, an inspirational coming-of-age story about two boys from Eastern Kentucky's Appalachian region. Cody Perkins and Chris Johnson struggle to overcome numerous obstacles related to their unique family lives and the economic circumstances of this region. At the same time, their individual stories offer valuable insights into the universally complex problems faced by all teenagers and those who love and support them. Country Boys traverses the emotional terrain of two boys who are about to become men. Through intimate cinematography and extraordinary sound design that puts the viewer inside the skin of the story's colorful and compelling characters, the film documents the boys' struggles to overcome hardship and poverty and to find meaning in their lives. Trailer: 7 minutes
High School - Adult           55 min.           2005           DVD-5091

High School - Adult
How to Stay Safe

"Safe and Sound," a lively, fast-paced game show, is the setting for this program that teaches youngsters how to stay safe. On-stage contestants answer questions in four key safety categories: Safety at Home, Safety Outdoors, Personal Safety, and Safety and Strangers. Each answer is fully explained to ensure that students understand the importance of obeying basic safety rules. Your students, "the viewers," are encouraged to play along to test their knowledge! After viewing this program, students will think before they act, evaluate a situation as safe or unsafe, and recognize what makes someone a "stranger." From using matches to eating berries off a bush, from taking someone else's medicine to walking over to a car to give a stranger directions, youngsters will have the skills they need to stay safe.

Grades 3-5            20 min.           2006        DVD-5007  

Grades 3 - 5
Making the Most of Middle School (cc)

This documentary-style program challenges middle school students to start thinking about their academic futures. It asks the question, "What do I need to do today to build a strong foundation for success in high school?" A bright academic future depends on organization and study skills, setting goals, optimizing resources, recognizing opportunities and avoiding negative behaviors. Four highly successful high school students share their personal stories to model how to make the most of middle school. Encourages viewers to explore extracurricular activities, do volunteer work, assess their values and interests, think about possible future goals, and most importantly, understand that middle school academics need to be the #1 priority for high school preparation. Viewers take home the message that a solid academic schedule, good study habits, and extracurricular activities are all part of making the most of middle school.
Grades 5 - 9            19 min.           2009            DVD-5131

Grades 5 - 9
Omar & Pete

Omar and Pete are determined to change their lives. Both have been in and out of prison for more than 30 years - never out longer than six months. This intimate and penetrating film follows these two longtime African-American friends after what they hope will be their final release. Premiered September 13, 2005. SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION. CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION. Viewer discretion advised.

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Adult          71 min. plus            2005            DVD-4168

Surviving High School (cc)

Surviving High School is a searing exploration of the stress that high school kids experience as they try to fit in and be accepted by their peers - no matter what the cost. This video unfolds like a real-life version of The Breakfast Club as eleven teens struggling to "fit in" exemplify the ever-growing problems of isolation, extreme dieting, steroid use, depression, and suicidal thoughts. An additional inspiration is an appearance by Keena Turner, a former San Francisco 49er, who talks to teens about how he became a Super Bowl champion without the use of steroids; Magali Amadei, a former model, recounts her painful battle with an eating disorder. Viewers are given an in-depth look at these teens' lives and are allowed to observe as they reveal their true selves to each other. The program dares these teens to define what it means to "survive" on their own campus by finding a solution to the bullying, harassment, and exclusion that have been tearing their school apart. Like the previous Teen Files specials, this program will raise awareness about these vital issues and motivate teenagers to face the truth about modern-day pressures. By urging teens across the country to make positive changes in how they perceive themselves and how they treat others, Surviving High School is a compelling and invaluable resource for kids and parents alike.
Junior High - High School           90 min.           2000         V-5168

Junior High - High School