Peer Pressure

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A Natural High: Riding The Drug-Free Wave

Many of the world's most talented professional surfers and skaters ride the drug-free wave. The athletes in this video chose to avoid drugs as they've watched many of their friends waste their talents and lives on drug use. Hosted by MTV Sports star Peter King, this presentation if packed with exciting action footage and great music. A Natural High: Riding the Drug-Free Wave appeals to all members of the younger generation, and not merely those who surf and skate. Young people learn that drug and alcohol use are a dangerous way to gain acceptance and pleasure, and that by fully committing to healthy activities while living drug-free, they can enjoy life to a much greater degree.
Junior High - High School               20 min.             2000                  V-333

Junior High - High School
Coping With Disruptive Life Changes (cc)

This program showcases the real stories of several teens who coped with major disruptions in their lives. One teen describes how her parents’ divorce caused her to rebel in school until, with the help of a school counselor, she rejected her gang-related friends and got her life back on track despite being pregnant. Another young woman shares how she dealt with the tumult of her mother’s relapse into addiction after her family lost their business and house to bankruptcy. Her involvement with a theater group and the support of good friends helped her eventually conquer her depression. A boy whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer speaks about how he dealt with his bottled-up fear and anxiety by opening up to his grandmother. The program emphasizes the importance of being patient, having realistic expectations and seeking out people who can provide help and support. On-screen experts provide creative tips for adapting, coping and growing. DVD contains Spanish subtitles.


Grades 7 - College             22 min.              2010        DVD-4215 

Grade 7 - College
Dangerous Decisions: Learning to Think Before You Act (cc)

Teens today are exposed to many risks-the ready availability of drugs, tobacco and alcohol; pressure to have sex; dangers on the Internet; inexperienced, drowsy and drunk driving; extreme diets; and more. When faced with difficult and life-altering decisions, teens often lack the skills needed to understand and evaluate the potential problems before they choose to act. Program provides a step-by-step approach to learning and applying good decision-making skills. Includes risk assessment and risk management tools for all areas of their lives, from school to friends to work to situations that potentially endanger their well-being. Profiles several teens who talk about decisions they now regret. With hindsight, what could they have done to achieve a different and better outcome? Describes how risk taking is a normal part of adolescence while emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy risks.

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Grades 7 - College            20 min.            2009           DVD-5032

Grades 7 - College
Decide to Be Drug-Free

Join Katie and Ozlot on an exciting journey into the Middle where they travel to the Tobacco Tar Pits and meet the mighty Smoke King, through Alcohol Falls where Rock Bottom just happens to drop by, and across Medicine Meadows where Rx Feelgood rolls in his Caravan of Cure-alls for a show-stopping performance.
Elementary            19 min.           1996            V-5033

The Dog Who Dared To Keep Kids Off Drugs and Alcohol

Meet Ralph (a street-smart border collie) and his young friends, some of who are thinking about experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, Ralph is the dog who dared to keep kids off drugs and alcohol. Much more than a "just say no" message, this prevention video is fun and upbeat and helps kids to realize the dangers od rugs and alcohol, while giving them some positive alternatives. "The Dog Who Dared" will reach out to children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. It also addresses issues like self-esteem and peer-pressure and promotes abstinence.
Elementary           25 min.           1992           V-4038

The Dog Who Dared To Keep Kids Off Drugs and Alcohol - SPANISH

Meet Ralph (a street-smart border collie) and his young friends, some of who are thinking about experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, Ralph is the dog who dared to keep kids off drugs and alcohol. Much more than a 'just say no' message, this prevention video is fun and upbeat and helps kids to realize the dangers of drugs and alcohol, while giving them some positive alternatives. The Dog Who Dared will reach out to children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. It also addresses issues like self-esteem and peer-pressure and promotes abstinence.
Grades 6 - 12            25 min.           1992           V-8006

Grades 6 - 12
Illegal Drugs - A Shattered Life!

A true to life presentation about how former athlete T.L. Crandell's life was shattered because of the drugs he abused as a youth. Today's youth are up against even tougher challenges. Is there anything that can help them understand that the choices they make today will be the reality they will be living with tomorrow? Crandell's Answer: "There definitely is! Education is the key to this problem. Young people are smart. They want to make good life choices. Once they understand the "deeper issues" involved, it is impossible to live the lie." Take a stroll with Crandell through the beautiful mountains of southern Idaho and listen to the story of how illegal drugs ruined his life and why taking drugs for pleasure destroys good lives. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DVD OR VHS COPY.
Grades 7 - College              21 min.                2004                DVD-146

Grades 7 - College
In Real Life: You Can't Rewind

This lesson is provided by Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections as a prevention tool. The lesson, activity and accompanying video are aimed to show students the consequences of poor choices, ways to use refusal skills in real life situations.
Grades 5 & 6            7 min.           2007            DVD-4092

Grades 5 & 6
Leader of the Pack (cc)

This entertaining, animated DVD helps young viewers recognize the dangers of tobacco use through the power of storytelling and compelling cartoon characters. Students will instantly connect with likable young Henry as he meets up with Smokey, an animated cigarette who wants Henry to join a secret club known as "The Pack." Smokey lures Henry into a special amusement park with spooky rides like "The Tar Pits", "The Amazing Aging Machine", and an exhibit called "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Smoking." Before long, Henry realizes he has been fooled....Smokey's club isn't cool, it's a prison! The DVD concludes with Henry's dramatic escape from the clutches of Smokey and "the Pack." Along the way, Henry has learned many of the hazards of cigarette smoking ---the Resource Book with fun activity sheets and cartoon-based puzzles accompanies the video. With Henry as the Leader of the Pack, students are sure to have fun as they learn about the perils of tobacco.

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Grades 2-6            16 min.           2003            DVD-3016

Grades 2-6
Natural High 2: Riding the Drug-Free Wave

This video gives kids the chance to listen to their peers and their "heroes" who include professional surfers, skateboarders and models who speak out against drug use. Such talent as Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana, Tori Allen, Mr. Wiggles, Nina Heinberg, Windy Fisher and more share the message of a drug-free life.
Grades 6 - 12                 20 min.             2004              DVD-360

Grades 6 - 12
Natural High 3

Within the cosmic collection of feedback gathered from Natural High 2, students and teachers across the country requested music as the theme for the next Natural High DVD. So the Foundation decided to do just that! Natural High 3 celebrates singing, song writing, musical instruments and performance as a natural high. It features several of Billboard's top artists - Mya, P.O.D. and Switchfoot, as well as Darrin Henson, choreographer to Prince, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. Natural High 3 is loaded with heartfelt quotes, inspiring behind the scene stories, and real applicable messages. New on Natural High 3 are Spanish subtitles and an updated Going Deeper discussion guide with corresponding video clips.
Junior High - High School                26 min.              2007                DVD

Junior High - High School
Natural High 4

Natural High 4 is a powerful film displaying how youth can live up to their highest potential - DRUG FREE - through the way of Natural Highs! It has an in-your-face approach to building resilience, as shown through the words, deeds, actions and right choices by stars of today's generation. Natural High 4 features drug free heroes in music, traditional sports and the extreme. Stars include Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez Jr., Pro Golfer Anna Rawson, Rock Band Relient K, NBA player Mike Conley Jr., WNBA player Lisa Leslie, and pro surfer and musician, Timmy Curran. Natural High 4 comes with a video discussion guide, and Natural High 3 and 2 included on the disc! Choose which film works best for your classroom or watch all three!
Middle School                  25 min.               2009             DVD

Middle School
Natural High 5

Natural High 5 features Lauren Conrad, Travis Pastrana, Terry Kennedy, our Sunset Splash Honoree Cassadee Pope and many, many more! This fast-paced DVD uses action sports, hit music and today's popular culture to bring a simple message to kids: Find Your Natural High and Say No to Drugs. NH 5 is our best film yet and test audiences have been giving it rave reviews.

Middle School           25 min.           2011           DVD


Middle School
Self-Esteem: Building Strengths (In the Mix Series)

Three key strengths -- physical, mental, and emotional -- are important to a healthy self-esteem. In this episode, In the Mix follows teens as they participate in a special strength-building program of challenging activities and workshops. On hand are experts to answer questions, and celebrity role models such as athletes Tiffeny Millbrett and Lisa Leslie, who give personal advice on setting goals, coping with mistakes, negative thinking, bullying, choosing friends, dealing with emotions, problem solving and other big issues. Guys and girls also speak out about the pressure to fit in and other stresses. 

Junior High - High School          30 min.              2002                DVD-5087

Junior High - High School
Skills for Healthy Living: Weighing the Risks (cc)

Presents teenagers recounting their experiences with the pressures to try drugs and alcohol, sparking discussion on different ways to say no.

High School                  30 min.              2006                    DVD-4172

High School
Surviving Peer Pressure: You Can Do It! (cc)

For teens and pre-teens, staying true to oneself can be a tough act to pull off. This program, presented in a drama format, presents five scenarios where teens are asked to make critical decisions in typical peer pressure situations - whether to raid a liquor cabinet when the parents are not home, teasing and bullying a vulnerable kid out of sight of teachers and parents, excluding a girl from their regular lunch table, being pressured to shoplift in a local mall and being tempted to cheat on an exam because other teens got advance copies of the test. In each scenario, the action stops at a critical juncture and students review six steps to making the right choice: listen to your inner voice, what would you do if you were alone, take a time out, imagine your parents are watching you, is it against the law and finally, is it worth the risk?

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Grades 5 - 9            22 min.           2006           DVD-4210

Grades 5 - 9
Tales from the Prom: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (cc)

A teen's prom can be one of the most memorable nights of a lifetime-as well as one of the most regrettable. Prom night often finds teens pressured to engage in underage drinking, illegal drug use, unprotected sex or more. This video turns its lens on a wide range of real teens and their prom experiences-from the most positive moments to events gone horribly wrong. Sends a straightforward message of planning, communicating with parents, setting personal limits, and establishing a "safety net" plan before the prom. Law enforcement and medical emergency workers weigh in on prom night hazards and their consequences. This sharp, honest look at the risks and rewards of prom night helps make students and parents "prom ready" by knowing the facts, the problems and strategies for a safe and fun prom.
Grades 7-12               23 min.            2009             DVD-4213

Grades 7-12