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B Careful When U Text: The Dangers of Texting and Sexting (cc)

A nasty rumor spreads through school with lightening speed. A bully's taunt reaches its target instantly. A young teen is caught "sexting"-sending sexually explicit images or words over a cell phone. Today, kids no longer have to wait to get to a desktop computer to see and hear all the latest gossip. It's right in their hands, on their cell phones, mobile email devices and handheld computers, giving them the ability to take and send pictures and videos and instantly access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using dramatic scenarios as well as first person experiences, explores the positive and negative sides of this new technology. Gives viewers a primer on the Do's and Don'ts of text messaging, including the laws on privacy and child pornography, setting and maintaining personal boundaries, dealing with unforeseen consequences, and underscoring the need to "think before you click".

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Grades 5 - 9            18 min.           2010            DVD-5133

Grades 5 - 9
The Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know (cc)

In a recent survey, one in five teens admitted to sending nude or semi-nude photos or videos and more than half said it was common for explicit photos and text messages to be passed around among friends. View teens' real stories: a girl recounts how an explicit picture of her became widely circulated in her school; a boy expresses regret at posting pictures of a girlfriend after they had broken up. A law enforcement official drives home the legal consequences of sexting. Using a peer-to-peer approach, teens talk about the importance of resisting pressures to engage in sexting. They emphasize that you can't assume that anything you send or post is going to remain private; that you can't change your mind once something is out there in cyberspace; and that what you may think is a harmless joke may be interpreted very differently by someone else. Includes a Bonus feature for Parents and Teachers: Elizabeth Schroeder, an internationally recognized trainer, consultant and author in sexuality education, provides information that every parent and teacher needs to know about why teens sext and what consequences they face.
Grades 7-12           17 min.           2010           DVD-5137

Grades 7-12
From One Second to the Next

Filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog (Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Grizzly Man) has directed a short film on the dangers of texting and driving. From One Second to the Next looks at how four lives have been impacted by texting-related accidents. Created for AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign, which has the backing of all the major US carriers, the documentary expands on the TV spots that Herzog also produced. Among the subjects of the film are Xzavier, a young boy who was left paralyzed by a car accident caused by texting, and Chandler Gerber, who killed three people while reading a text behind the wheel of a van. All of the documented individuals have featured prominently in AT&T's TV spots, which were also directed by Herzog. The 35-minute film is, as you'd expect from Herzog, intelligently shot and produced, but at times can be very difficult to watch. Chandler Gerber's vivid account of the accident he caused is particularly harrowing; it shows a different kind of pain to that of the victims and their families, a longing regret that's perhaps more relatable to many. (Available online only)

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High School/Adult       34:55 minutes          2013  

High School/Adult

ProtecTeens is a video presentation and resource kit created to educate parents about the potential danger to their children from sexual predators on the Internet.
Adult            23 min.           2005            DVD-5089

Safe Side: Internet Safety

John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted) and Julie Clark (founder of The Baby Einstein Company) are back, following up their Emmy-award winning 'Stranger Safety' video with a hilarious new adventure through the virtual world of the Internet with 'Internet Safety.' This new DVD is a kid-friendly field trip through the world of E-mail, downloads, pop-ups and chat rooms that looks at the serious issues that can arise if kids don't rely on their Safe Side Adults. Viewers will join Safe Side Superchick as she finds herself in laugh-out loud situations that spoof shows like Lizzie McGuire and The Crocodile Hunter. Joining her are two goofy new characters, brother Danger Dude and her dad, Cautionary Dale. Also along for the ride is the animated Clicky, a character designed by NetSmartz, a division of The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This light approach to the difficult topic of Internet safety talks to kids, not at them. Along with giving children an understanding of potential dangers, The Safe Side 'Internet Safety' video helps them understand what to do if dangerous situations should arise on the Internet. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by its viewers, this video is the perfect way for parents to discuss this difficult topic with their kids.
Grades 2-6            26 min.           2005            DVD-5130

Grades 2-6
Straight Talk about Sexting and Messaging (cc)

True life stories offer cautionary tales about the dangers of sexting and anonymous messaging on cell phones and on social media. Students will learn that privacy is not possible on the Internet and once a nude photo or racy text is sent, it is likely to come back to haunt them. Viewers learn the downside of sexting, including possible charges of sending or receiving child pornography, being blackmailed by exes who threaten to release private photos, being labeled a sex offender, and experiencing severe depression about loss of control of their images and videos.

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Grades 7-College   19:04 min.   2017   DVD-5096

Grades 7-College
Submit: The Documentary

Submit: The Documentary Classroom Cut (PG)

Submit is the first award winning educational film that tells the stories of the families affected by cyberbullying. The shared experiences and testimonials of victims, survivors and experts expose the growing world of cyberbullying.


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PG   50:52 minutes   2013   DVD-5162

Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online (cc)

While the Internet is a place of promise and progress, it is also a place of peril for young teens. Chat rooms, e-mail, sites such as MySpace, and instant messaging allow teens to keep in touch with friends, but also offer the potential for youngsters to be abused in ways they have not considered. Using real teens in a peer-to-peer format, this video helps teens navigate problems and learn important rules and strategies to keep them safe while surfing the net. Program explores online bullying and rumor spreading, identity theft, blogging and the real threat of sexual predators. Viewers learn to "think before you click" in order to avoid embarrassing yourself or hurting others, while keeping yourself and others safe. Your students will conclude that while the Internet is a fun, exciting place, it is always important to be smart about what you say and whom you befriend online.
Grades 5 - 9            24 min.           2008           DVD-5123

Grades 5 - 9