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Rainbow War

Three kingdoms, one Blue, one Red, and one Yellow, wage a colorful battle for supremacy in this award-winning fantasy. Paint buckets, brushes, and rollers are the weapons in the slapstick struggle, a splashy confrontation that results in the world's first rainbow and new friendship among the warring nations. Rainbow War features spectacular special effects and stirring music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London. It's a delightful allegory about tolerance and good will, a hit with audiences of all ages.
All Ages            20 min.           1986            VHS

All Ages
Voices from Inside: Incarcerated Teens Speak Out

With the 'get tough' legislation spreading across America, more teens are being tried in court as adults, with 77,000 youths incarcerated in adult jails and prisons. This program features teens, as well as former inmates, sentenced to juvenile and adult detention facilities in California, New Jersey, and New York for crimes such as burglary, assault and homicide. They expose the grim truth about life in prison, shattering the unrealistic illusions of others who might view prison as a badge of honor. They also send a strong message to teens to think about the consequences of their actions and gang associations that could have an impact on their lives and families forever.
High School            19 min.           2006            DVD-5054

High School