Drugged Driving

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Bath Salts: the Deadly Facts (cc)

Bath salts are the newest drug scourge to hit the US. They are currently available online, in gas stations and convenience stores across the nation. In the first few months of 2011, poison control centers nationwide reported a record-breaking increase in ER visits related to bath salts. This timely program gives viewers the hardcore truth about this highly addictive substance which causes intense paranoia, psychosis and suicidal thoughts. A drug abuse expert who treats young people in the grips of bath salt addiction speaks bluntly about this methamphetamine-like drug. The gut-wrenching story of Jarrod Moody, a young man who took his own life after a binge on bath salts caused him to spiral out of control, makes a powerful case against experimenting with bath salts.

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Grades 7 - College           19 min.           2011           DVD-5021

Grades 7-College
Confronting Drunk Driving (cc)

This memorable video features the true story of Mike Proveromo, a young man who killed his two best friends in a drunk driving car crash when he was a teenager. Today, Mike tours the nation's high schools to share his story, and to warn students never to drink and drive. In addition to interview segments that recount Mike's dramatic story, viewers will also hear from law enforcement officers who explain the legal risks involved in drinking and driving, including harsh jail sentences for those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). Viewers will also hear from emergency room physicians who describe the traumas and deaths they have seen as a result of drunk driving. Teens will also hear from parents and family members who have been left devastated by the loss of a child as a result of drunk driving. In addition, Confronting Drunk Driving offers important tips for how to avoid being a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated driver. Teacher's Resource Book offers many useful and thought-provoking worksheets for classroom use. 
Grades 7 - College             28 min.           2003            DVD-4144

Grades 7 - College
Danger Behind the Wheel: The Facts about Distracted Driving (cc)

This powerful program emphasizes the dangers of driving distractions—applying makeup, eating, changing radio channels but most of all, talking or texting via cell phone while driving. Viewers hear from ordinary people whose lives have been forever changed because of distracted driving. A young driver who crashed his car while texting describes how it feels to know that he caused the deaths of two innocent people. A young woman describes the severe injuries she endured—in addition to her parents’ deaths—as a result of a distracted teen talking on his phone while driving. Jennifer Smith, co-founder of the advocacy group FocusDriven, shares her story. David Strayer, a leading researcher explains that driving simulations in his lab have shown that talking on a cell phone—even with a hands-free device—is as dangerous as driving drunk. The program’s unforgettable stories and statistics make it clear that no cell phone call is worth losing a life. http://focusdriven.org/
CINE Golden Eagle Award

Grades 7 - College           26 min.           2011           DVD-5077


Grades 7-College
The Deadly Consequences of Drunk Driving

Three educational videos entitled The Crash (20 minutes), Left Behind (23 minutes), and Choices (25 minutes) tell the story of Katie, a 13-year old killed by a drunk driver. The Crash is the story of a fatal car crash that killed Katie DeCubellis, 13, and Marsha Bowman, 44, on October 29, 1999. That night, Katie and her friend Becky were on their way to the mall. Marsha, Becky's mother, was driving when a drunk driver slammed into them from behind, sending their car into oncoming traffic. Becky survived that night and speaks openly about her experience, as does Katie's family, and all those who were involved. Left Behind explores the shattered lives of the people who loved Katie DeCubellis and Marsha Bowman. This story focuses on the after effects of the drunk driving crash that took their lives and left Marsha's daughter Becky forever scarred by the tragedy. Now, John DeCubellis and Meg DeCubellis, and Becky Bowman, work ceaselessly to raise public awareness for the need to make responsible decisions. However, no amount of work can erase the pain or loss for those left behind. Choices reveals the ripple effects of one decision made by Stephen Reise on the night of October 29, 1999, when he chose to drive while impaired. Both Katie DeCubellis and Marsha Bowman were killed on their way to the mall when Reise slammed into the back of Marsha's car. Reise is currently serving 14 years imprisonment and a total of 30 years of probation. Both families, however, are serving life sentences as a result of his choice.
Grades 7 - College            68 min.            2004             DVD-4171

Grades 7 - College
Drinking & Driving: A Dead End

Designed to get into the "lifescape" of teens viewing the video, this powerful tool teaches teens the legal, physical and emotional ramifications of drinking and driving. Myths about drinking and driving are dissected and destroyed through a question and answer session between high school kids and police officers. Peer-driven with a close, personal look at drinking and driving, this video illustrates how drinking and driving affect a myriad of lives in our society. Emergency room doctors and nurses emphasize the inevitable dangers of blending alcohol with automobiles.  

Junior High - High School            25 min.         2002           DVD-4146

Junior High - High School
Drinking Games, Alcohol Abuse and Overdose (cc)

This program features Mary Claire O’Brien, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest University. The June 12th, 2011 issue of Parade Magazine published a cover story about Binge Drinking which includes interviews from Dr. O’Brien.
This hard-hitting program reveals the truth about teens that engage in drinking games and put themselves at risk for alcohol poisoning, overdose and death. Viewers hear the story of Scott, a smart, athletic fifteen year-old who died from alcohol poisoning after playing a popular drinking game at a friend’s house. In another segment, Dr. O’Brien, an emergency room physician describes the harsh medical procedures that occur when a teen is brought to the hospital after binge drinking. Program also travels to a renowned research brain lab at the University of California, where brain scans clearly show the neurological damage that can occur when teens consume alcohol. This program clearly dispels the myth that alcohol and drinking games are no big deal for teens.  Spanish subtitles.


Grades 7-College   20 min.   2011   DVD-4217

Drugged Driving: The Road to Disaster (cc)

Intoxicated teen drivers are responsible for 18% of motor vehicle deaths each year. Alcohol abuse is a major factor, but teen drivers' abuse of over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs and marijuana is rising at an alarming rate. Teens are driving impaired and putting their lives and the lives of others at grave risk. In this video, ER doctors and police investigators specially trained to recognize drug- impaired driving present a hard, on-the-scene look at how drugs impact driver alertness, reflexes and perception skills. A prosecutor specializing in DUI cases explains the legal consequences following a drugged driving crash. Finally, a mother recreates the tragic story of how her daughter died in a drugged driving crash caused by marijuana smoking.Viewers get a comprehensive view of the devastating effects of drugged driving on teens, their families and their communities.
Grades 9 & up            25 min.           2008            DVD-4205

Grades 9 & up
DUI: The Hard Truth (cc)

Hosted by a career EMT, this video reveals the hard truth and horrifying ordeals resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol - a young girl recounts how she was critically burned after her car was hit by a drunken teenager; a young woman tells of having to identify her little sister's body at a morgue after she was killed by an intoxicated teen driver; an ER doctor talks about "breaking the news" to parents whose son was killed in a drunk driving crash; and a young woman shares the details of her living nightmare when she killed her best friend while she was DUI. Each incident is told "live" in front of an audience of students, parents, teachers and medical professionals who add their expertise. Dramatic video reenactments hammer home the indisputable truth that driving while drunk or impaired results in unforgettable pain, suffering and death. This program contains graphic images which may disturb some viewers.

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Faces of Drunk Driving Website-Jacqui Saburido Story

DVD Extras:
1) A 911 Every Year   1:35 minutes  
2) Life in Prison     1:41 minutes  
3) No Safe Amount     1:36 minutes  
4) A Message from Jacqui     :47 minutes  

Grades 7 - College            29 min.           2008            DVD-4027

Grades 7 - College
El Carro Nuevo (The New Car)

The story of a young Chicano arrested for drunk driving and how it affected his work and family life.
High School - Adult            21 min.           1976           DVD-8000

High School - Adult
Four More Days

Hard to believe, but it is just four more days until high school graduation. Tara and her friends are beginning to feel the nostalgia associated with saying their final goodbyes to teachers and friends, excitedly capturing their comments by creating a reality based video yearbook. Their exuberance remains high with just two more days to go when something terrible has happened. A car accident has left two friends dead and another charged with negligent homicide for driving under the influence. As curious bystanders look on, their faces are intermingled with images of medical personnel and the police, as the total impact of this tragedy gradually unfolds. A highly realistic portrayal of the dangers of adolescent behavior is absolutely guaranteed to make teens think twice about drinking and driving.
Grades 7 & up           18 min.          2007            DVD-4209

Grades 7 & up
The IMPACT of Your Choice: Underage Drinking and Reckless Driving

The uniqueness of this educational documentary is in the examination of families in the aftermath of a young person making the wrong choice. This film shows the emotions and life changes of people impacted by alcohol-related and reckless driving crashes. This documentary of four separate crashes interviews victims' families, survivors and an offender. It shows what occurs after alcohol related crashes. Revealing the daily emotional trauma felt by the parents, sisters and brothers of the victims, survivors and offenders. The difficulty their families have living with day-to-day remembrances of life before the crash, the choice their loved one made and life after the crash.

High School              23 min./5 min.          2007               DVD-4187

High School
It's Not An Accident: The Consequences of Drunk Driving...A True Story

In 1991, Jason Barber was racing friends and driving drunk. They all thought they were just having a good time but that changed in a split second when he caused a crash that killed his 15 year old brother, Aaron. Jason was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to prison for six years. He was released in 1995, and has now been sober for over eight years. Since his release has furthered his education as a Human Services major with an emphasis on Drug and Alcohol Counseling. For the past three years, heas worked in high schools as a facilitator of drug and alcohol groups for at-risk youth, and has also facilitated parent out-reach groups, teaching parenting skills and communication techniques for better parent teen relationships. This has given Jason the opportunity to meet three other families who have suffered similar losses because of drunk driving. In "It's Not An Accident" he dynamically tells those stories along with his own.
Junior High - Adult            41 min.          1999            V-4068

Junior High - Adult

Jane is the dramatic and touching story of a young teacher whose entire life was changed in the instant she crashed her car while under the influence of alcohol. Convicted of DUI manslaughter for killing her boy friend, Jane tells her own story in documentary style and details the events leading up to the crash. Featured on PBS Television in 1998, JANE is a riveting story that needs to be shared with all drivers, young and old, and delivers a very strong message on driving while under the influence of alcohol. Articles on Jane have appeared in Law Enforcement Technology, The Police Chief, Youth Today, Police & Security News, Driver/Education, Alternatives to Incarceration, and the Chronicle of the American Driver Traffic Safety Educational Association. The notion that "Yes it can happen to me," really hits home when you watch JANE.
Junior High - Adult                  25 min.            1996             V-4070

Junior High - Adult
Just Call Me Crash - The Denise Wagoner Story

Denise Wagoner, a professional model, was involved in a near fatal car crash, the victim of an impaired driver. She had multiple skull fractures, a crushed vertebrae, crushed ribs, brain swelling, every facial bone was broken and she lost her eyes. Doctors did not expect her to live another 24 hours. Denise survived, later to have extensive surgery thirteen times, seven on her face alone. She is now disfigured and blind, with permanent brain damage. This life changing experience was the result of her own actions; Denise was the impaired driver. Denise shares a powerful message about drink driving, drug abuse, alcoholism, and abusive relationships.
High School - Adult            30 min.           2000            V-4073

High School - Adult
Just One Night: A True Story About Choices

2/17/94 started out as a good day for Tom Boyle, a family man on the verge of making a big business deal. But the day didn't end well. Tom wasn't a heavy drinker, but decided to have a few beers with some friends...then a few more with strangers. The next thing he remembers is being rolled along on a hospital gurney while a state trooper informed that he had killed his passenger by driving in a snowplow at 100 mph. Sentenced to 4-8 years for manslaughter, Tom has decided to pay his debt to society by telling his story to groups of students. This is a compelling story of choices: of having everything - money, fancy car, wife and children - and losing it all in "Just One Night".
High School - Adult          28 min.         1998            V-4075

High School - Adult
SMASHED: Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol

Through often-graphic hospital footage and personal interviews with several teens and their grief-stricken families, SMASHED: Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol is a cautionary documentary that explores in heartbreaking detail the sudden devastation that a drinking and driving accident can bring - and how difficult that road to recovery (which is often only partial, at best) can be, if one is lucky enough to survive. Viewer discretion advised. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DVD OR VHS COPY.

High School            78 min.             2002            V-4133



High School
Sudden Impact: Drunk Driving

This story is a cautionary tale. There are more deaths from drunk driving crashes on New Year's Day than on any other day of the year. When they are reported, the journalistic shorthand often goes something like this: "One dead, four injured in car crash. Drunk driving suspected." And then that's the end of it, a story briefly reported and quickly forgotten. But we wondered, what happens after the news coverage stops? How do the victims and their families fare? What is the emotional toll? What are their financial costs? A little more than two years ago, we started tracking one such case. As you're about to see, "One dead, four injured" doesn't even begin to tell the story about the trauma to the victims, or as we discovered, to our surprise, how much all the rest of us pay.
Grades 7 - College             45 min.            2003             V-4128

Grades 7 - College
Sudden Impact: After the Crash

This story is a cautionary tale. There are more deaths from drunk driving crashes on New Year's Day than on any other day of the year. When they are reported, the journalistic shorthand often goes something like this: "One dead, four injured in car crash. Drunk driving suspected." And then that's the end of it, a story briefly reported and quickly forgotten. But we wondered, what happens after the news coverage stops? How do the victims and their families fare? What is the emotional toll? What are their financial costs? A little more than two years ago, we started tracking one such case. As you're about to see, "One dead, four injured" doesn't even begin to tell the story about the trauma to the victims, or as we discovered, to our surprise, how much all the rest of us pay.
Grades 7 - College            43 min.           2004           DVD-4128

Grades 7 - College
Waste of Candy

Takes a serious look into the life and death decision in allowing an intoxicated person to get behind the wheel.
High School - Adult            8 min.           2001           V-4115

High School - Adult
WRECKED: Life and Death on the Road

WRECKED talks to new drivers about what it really means to make right - and wrong - decisions behind the wheel. They'll meet a lot of people who have already learned about driving, sometimes the hard way. By making drivers aware of these tragic experiences, FARMERS INSURANCE believes new drivers may avoid making some of the same mistakes.
High School             13 min.            2000             DVD-4202

High School