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Shoplifting Is Stealing!

 The Shoplifting IS Stealing!™ program offers a 20-minute DVD supported by related materials to teach children the consequences of shoplifting. Research shows that successful shoplifting prevention is achieved through early intervention and through the integrated efforts of parents, law enforcement professionals, educators, retailers, churches, families, friends and honest consumers. Members of this Circle of Influence can have a profound effect on helping children understand the consequences of making a choice to shoplift..

Grades 7-12/Adult    20:13 minutes    2013    DVD-5031
The ABC's of Emotional Intelligence, v. 1 (cc)

Success in life requires a complex set of intellectual, emotional, social and ethical skills. This introductory program outlines the key elements of emotional intelligence - Assets, Balance, and Character - as students discover they have the power to bounce back, balance emotional and academic demands, and make positive choices.
High School            30 min.           2003            DVD-5101

High School
Amazing Kids of Character Series

This uplifting five-part series highlights crucial cornerstones of character--courage, empathy, perseverance, respect and responsibility--by showing real kids who achieved amazing results for themselves and their communities. Each character trait is represented with three different profiles of truly amazing kids and hosted by a diverse, multiethnic group of students from around the country. These inspiring stories are sure to encourage your students to stand up and stand out. Follow-up activities in the Teacher's Resource Book give ample opportunities for class discussion and continued exploration of these pivotal character themes.

Grades 3 - 8         89 min.          2008         DVD-5136

Grades 3 - 8
Bouncing Back, v. 4 (cc)

Resiliency is perhaps the most important skill teenagers need to bounce back from the common disappointments of adolescence. In this program, they learn essential resiliency skills: developing realistic expectations, identifying obstacles, persisting and maintaining a sense of self-worth and optimism. More complex issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts are also discussed.
High School            30 min.           2003            DVD-5104

High School
Building Character, v. 8 (cc)

As teens in this program grapple with the common problem of friends who make bad choices about substance abuse, viewers learn that character means recognizing the need to make a change and having the courage and will power to stick to tough choices. Teens learn that the key to making good choices is to listen to their conscience and to the feelings they experience when their actions violate their values.
High School            30 min.           2003            DVD-5108

High School
Compulsive Relationships: The Players and the Personalities, v. 1

Video #1 guides the viewer to an understanding of compulsive relationships. Dr. Claudia Black and Terry Gorski ask, "How many of you have started a relationship even though you knew you were going to be hurt? How many of you wanted to get out of a destructive relationship, but could not? How often have you begun a relationship to 'fix' you?" Claudia and Terry describe two particular players in an addictive relationship - the Counterdependent and the Codependent - and they list the characteristics of each thru the use of role-play and stories. In this presentation Terry and Claudia combine humor with information. In the end the viewers are provided with significant information so that they may begin in-depth discussions of addictive relationships and to start the recovery process towards forming a healthy relationship
All Ages            36 min.           1989            V-5

All Ages
Coping With Disruptive Life Changes (cc)

This program showcases the real stories of several teens who coped with major disruptions in their lives. One teen describes how her parents’ divorce caused her to rebel in school until, with the help of a school counselor, she rejected her gang-related friends and got her life back on track despite being pregnant. Another young woman shares how she dealt with the tumult of her mother’s relapse into addiction after her family lost their business and house to bankruptcy. Her involvement with a theater group and the support of good friends helped her eventually conquer her depression. A boy whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer speaks about how he dealt with his bottled-up fear and anxiety by opening up to his grandmother. The program emphasizes the importance of being patient, having realistic expectations and seeking out people who can provide help and support. On-screen experts provide creative tips for adapting, coping and growing. DVD contains Spanish subtitles.


Grades 7 - College             22 min.              2010        DVD-4215 

Grade 7 - College
Creative Problem Solving, v. 6 (cc)

This video presents our eight-step problem-solving approach. Highlights include: naming the problem, brainstorming, evaluating options, and choosing the best solution. Viewers are taught the basic skill of cause-and-effect thinking and the benefits of a positive problem solving attitude.
High School            26 min.           2003            DVD-5106

High School
Delinquents (60 Minutes Series)

They call them juvenile delinquents - the young elephants that were introduced into the Umfolozi (Kwazulu Natal) and Pilansberg (near Sun City) game parks. At the time nobody realized what valuable lesson these elephants were to teach everybody with regard to the social structure of a herd of elephant. These elephants were relocated and introduced into an area that lacked the presence of older bulls and matriarchs. The result was that the youngsters started behaving badly - completely out of their nature - by showing signs of undue aggression towards objects, people and animals, which they normally would have tolerated. The issue was accentuated by the fact that they started killing white rhino - a specie that is nurtured and protected to rescue them from extinction. Currently projects are underway to introduce mature elephants into these herds of "juvenile delinquents", hoping that they will sort out the family structures of the younger ones.
Adult            15 min.           1998           V-5043

Developing Healthy Relationships, v. 11 (cc)

Healthy relationships are fundamental to emotional well-being. In this program, teens learn to build their own personal support system, recognize true friends, and develop positive refusal skills. The video emphasizes the importance of trust and caring in successful relationships and highlights the critical skill of negotiating with parents.
High School            30 min.           2003           DVD-5111

High School
Doing Your Best, v. 12 (cc)

This program explores the intellectual and emotional skills essential to success: coping with anxiety, setting goals, identifying obstacles, maintaining self-esteem, and identifying personal resources. An appreciation of excellence is emphasized as students learn the importance of resourcefulness, perseverance and an optimistic view of life.
High School            30 min.           2003           DVD-5112

High School
Empathy, Caring and Compassion, v. 5 (cc)

This video explores the skills that build empathy, the importance of compassion, and the moral imperative to help others in need - particularly the victims of bullying. Teens learn how labeling, prejudice, and cynicism impede the development of caring relationships.
High School            27 min.           2003            DVD-5105

High School
Ethics: Cheating and Plagiarism (In the Mix Series)

Is copying homework from a friend considered cheating? What about getting material from the Internet? The issue of cheating in schools is more prevalent and relevant than ever in today's culture; polls show that 80% of high school students admit to having cheated. In this program, teens speak out frankly about why they feel the need to cheat, and raise questions about the definition of cheating. We also meet ninth graders from a New Jersey high school who are required to participate in a series of ethics courses and, in a cheating and plagiarism workshop, wrestle with typical situations and solutions. The students also discuss the long term effects of cheating and ways that it might be prevented. According to Booklist, "This video addresses a troubling topic in an intelligent manner... questions serve as potent classroom discussion starters".
Junior High - High School               30 min.              2004                 DVD-5080

Junior High - High School
Getting Along With Others, v. 7 (cc)

In this program, teens discover positive ways to assert themselves, express complaints, handle misunderstandings and block rumors. They learn specific social skills - mediation, negotiation, active listening, and messages - and how to apply these skills to cooperative-learning groups and student-led activities.
High School            29 min.           2003           DVD-5107

High School
Knowing Who You Are, v. 2 (cc)

This video helps teens think about their behavior, learn from experience, develop a realistic sense of their strengths and weaknesses, and understand and express their emotions. Moral knowing, a key element of good character, is explored as students discover the benefit of knowing their values, and living by them.
High School            30 min.           2003            DVD-5102

High School
Lifestyle Diseases And How To Avoid Them

The decisions teenagers make about diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol have an immediate impact on their health. Teens assume they are too young to get cancer, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, or other lifestyle diseases. But, in fact, the choices teens make can damage their health now and in the future. Program profiles overweight teens with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and other problems. Shows how teen smokers are at greater risk for cancer and chronic lung disease and often already suffer respiratory problems impacting daily life. Also profiles a teen alcoholic to understand the impact of alcoholism on a teen's physical and emotional well-being. Identifies healthy behaviors and urges teens to make smart choices to improve health now and in the future. Emphasizes these keys to health: stop smoking, avoid alcohol, eat a balanced diet, avoid stress and get enough sleep.

Click here for a 3 minute preview

Grades 7-College         20 min.          2009         DVD-3005

Grades 7 - College
Max's Magical Machine, v. 4

This video emphasizes empathy and responsibility for the consequences of our actions. Live interviews with students encourage discussion of Show and Tell! The Movie and highlights the main themes of friendship and personal sense of self. Max's Magical Machine addresses violence, hurting others, bullying and sexual harassment
Ages 10 - 12            18 min.           1999           V-5016

Ages 10 - 12
Men in Crisis/A Way Out: Redefining Masculinity, v. 5

One man's painful journey through addiction and recovery and on to important but difficult choices that point him toward improved self-esteem, wholeness and integration. Emphasizes the importance of men's process groups and their role in providing safe setting for feedback and new behaviors.
Adult          21 min.              1992            V-233

Men in Crisis/Heroes & Identity, v. 4

A conversation with Mark Gerzon, early pioneer in the exploration of emerging masculinities, and author of the classic, A Choice of Heroes. Mr. Gerzon discusses the relationship between popular models of masculinity found in the culture and their implications for men's expectations for themselves. From this perspective comes important sociological information about the basis of men's current anguish.
Adult              25 min.              1992             V-232

Men in Crisis/Self-Esteem & Empowerment, v. 3

Records the struggles of a number of men in recovery, all at various stages of reclaiming their lives and empowering themselves. Steps necessary to improving self-esteem are discussed and demonstrated.
Adult            28 min.              1992              V-231

Nobody's Perfect: Learning Self-Acceptance (cc)

Caught up trying to fit in and please others, students often engage in harsh self-judgment and self-blame that can negatively affect their health, school work, behavior and happiness. Using creative visual imagery, as well as listening to and learning from real middle-school students, program models the path to self-acceptance. Video immediately captures students’ attention as a humorous teen presenter declares, “I’m perfect.” The screen then fills up with images of the same teen representing his strengths and weaknesses. It soon becomes clear that the presenter, as well as each of us, comes with personal assets and liabilities, and that all of us are imperfect. Discusses key issues of self-acceptance including: What is self-acceptance? Why do we look for perfection in ourselves? How does the media influence our self perception? How do our peers influence the way we think about ourselves? What steps can we take to get to know ourselves better and appreciate ourselves warts and all?

Preview a three minute clip: here

Grades 5-9           23 min.           2009           DVD-5141

Grades 5-9
PERSONAL POTENTIAL: The Influence of One

 A discussion with motivational speaker Dr. Verna Price is teamed with compelling vignettes in this program that delves into the topic of personal leadership potential. Explaining the difference between personal and positional leadership — and the difference between a true leader and someone just seeking attention — she guides students through an exploration of their inner strengths so that they are equipped to make good choices and wise decisions. The video challenges young viewers to think positively about their ability to influence, to create change, and to be leaders first in their own lives if not in the world.

Middle School-High School   18 min.   2010   DVD-5157

Play It Safe: Strategies for a Safe School Environment (cc)

This video uses dramatic vignettes, real person interviews and teen hosts to help teach students that they are active players in creating a safe school environment. There are many subtle and often overlooked issues that make up a school's climate-gossiping, taunting, ignoring, labeling, isolating, teasing, intolerance, bullying, excluding-all can create an unhealthy atmosphere. While one act may not seem significant, the cumulative effects can be devastating. Viewers learn how important it is to refrain from negative behaviors, whether in school or on the Internet. Presents The Five Safe School Strategies: Stay Alert, Identify Risks, Speak Up, Be Considerate and Participate. Viewers also learn how to use their influence to encourage peers to follow these strategies. Often peers are aware of potential school violence and need to act responsibly and seriously when threats are made openly or off-handedly. Students will understand that they have significant ownership in a positive and safe school environment.
Grades 5 - 9            20 min.           2008           DVD-5129

Grades 5 - 9
Rainbow War

Three kingdoms, one Blue, one Red, and one Yellow, wage a colorful battle for supremacy in this award-winning fantasy. Paint buckets, brushes, and rollers are the weapons in the slapstick struggle, a splashy confrontation that results in the world's first rainbow and new friendship among the warring nations. Rainbow War features spectacular special effects and stirring music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London. It's a delightful allegory about tolerance and good will, a hit with audiences of all ages.
All Ages            20 min.           1986            VHS

All Ages