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Food & Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy, Active Kids

The dramatic rise in childhood obesity is one of the most serious health problems facing our country today. Reversing this trend starts with healthier habits at home. But parents can't do it alone. Many schools also play a role by serving unhealthy foods and cutting back on physical education and recess. Food & Fitness Matter provides parents the information and support they need to make changes at home and in their local schools. In the video, health and nutrition experts, including former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher, explain: the health problems posed by the childhood obesity epidemic; how unhealthy food at school contributes to the obesity problem, as well as to learning and discipline problems.
High School - Adult            24 min.           2006           DVD-2014

High School - Adult
Generation Found

From the creators of the groundbreaking film, THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE, comes GENERATION FOUND, a powerful story about one community coming together to ignite a youth addiction recovery revolution in their hometown. Devastated by an epidemic of addiction, Houston faced the reality of burying and locking up its young people at an alarming rate. And so in one of the largest cities in America, visionary counselors, law school dropouts, aspiring rock musicians, retired football players, oil industry executives, and church leaders came together to build the world’s largest peer-driven youth and family recovery community.

Independently filmed over the course of two years, GENERATION FOUND takes an unprecedented and intimate look at how a system of treatment centers, sober high schools, alternative peer groups, and collegiate recovery programs can exist in concert to intervene early and provide a real and tested long-term alternative to the “War on Drugs.” It is not only a deeply personal story, but one with real-world utility for communities struggling with addiction worldwide.

Link to Generation Found Website

High School/Adult   85 min.   2016   DVD-4003

High School/Adult
How Addiction Hijacks the Brain (cc)

This program drives home the message that drug addiction is a disease of the brain and that teens are at highest risk for acquiring this disease. Stephen Dewey and other leading scientists detail how drugs like heroin, nicotine, cocaine and marijuana change the brain, subvert the way it registers pleasure and corrupt learning and motivation. Young people recovering from addictions provide a human face to the effects of drugs and alcohol as they describe how addiction involves intense craving for a drug and loss of control over its use. Viewers also learn that the brain’s plasticity…or ability to change…offers hope for youth with a substance use disorder that they can turn their lives around.

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Grades 7-College   24:03 min.   2016   DVD-5062

Grades 7-College
How to Say No and Really Mean It

Saying NO and sticking to it is one of the most difficult challenges in a teen’s world. In the high peer pressure environment of a high school party, it’s almost impossible for many teens to do what they know is right. This information-packed video opens on just such a party. Five teens face situations that test their ability to say NO in a convincing manner.

  • Tom is pressuring Jose to drink alcohol.
  • Kristen is being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex.
  • Jordan is trying to convince Andrea to cheat on the chemistry final.
  • Shabelle and Meetra are planning a mean trick to bully another girl.
  • Kyle, who has been drinking, is offering Segi a ride home.

The program walks students through 5 skills that enable these teens to say no effectively:

  1. analyzing the situation
  2. considering consequences
  3. looking at alternatives
  4. recognizing influences
  5. using assertiveness skills.

Grades 7 - College           20 min.           2013           DVD-4227

Grades 7 - College
SPLIT: Divorce through Kids' Eyes

In this powerful documentary, children share personal stories of divorce with honesty and depth.  Short chapters, such as "what happened,” "wishing,” and "what helps,” explore a broad range of experiences, and the diverse cast adds value to this remarkable film.


SPLIT website


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 Ages: 6-16 years   28 min.   2013      DVD-5002


Straight Talk about Sexting and Messaging (cc)

True life stories offer cautionary tales about the dangers of sexting and anonymous messaging on cell phones and on social media. Students will learn that privacy is not possible on the Internet and once a nude photo or racy text is sent, it is likely to come back to haunt them. Viewers learn the downside of sexting, including possible charges of sending or receiving child pornography, being blackmailed by exes who threaten to release private photos, being labeled a sex offender, and experiencing severe depression about loss of control of their images and videos.

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Grades 7-College   19:04 min.   2017   DVD-5096

Grades 7-College
The Basic Hygiene Video (cc)

Using clever animation along with entertaining comments from real students, as well as expert commentary from a pediatrician, this straight-forward program teaches the basics of good hygiene. Throughout the video, students are reassured that body odor, bad breath,  tooth decay, oily hair, skin break outs and acne can all be managed by developing good habits of personal care. A racial and ethnically balanced group of teens speak directly to students and weigh in with personal advice and hygiene tips.

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Grade Level 6-8   19 min.   2015   DVD-5001