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Perinatal (including FAS)
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Shadows: Children, Families and the Legacy of Incarceration

 The powerful training film brings out of the shadows the voices and realities of children of incarcerated parents. Based on performances of the presentation Holding up: A New Prison Legacy, the film follows the journey of the children, their caregivers and their incarcerated parents as they travel from the darkness of anger and pain into the light of healing and forgiveness. A must see for anyone working with incarcerated fathers, their children and their caregivers. This gem is brought to us by the National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated at the Family & Corrections Network.    

Adult    62 min.    2008    DVD
Effective Management of ADHD in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders--May 7, 2012

Children with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder may benefit from medications to address Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other co-morbid conditions. However, children with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder present in a more complex way than do children in the general population. A comprehensive understanding of how ADHD should be identified and treated in children affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol is essential for professionals working with these children in order to develop an effective treatment plan including medication in combination with appropriate therapuetic interventions.

Adult     47:52 min.      2012        DVD-4231


No Letting Go

Based on the multi-award winning short film "Illness", "No Letting Go' follows the story of the Spencer family whose middle son, Timothy, struggles with anxiety, depression and mood disorder. As his symptoms become more and more debilitating, his parents are faced with painfully difficult choices that will change their lives forever.  NO LETTING GO centers around what would appear to be a typical family. A husband and wife balancing work and responsibilities all while raising their three sons. Over a 4-year period we soon realize the middle son is struggling in ways that do not seem common or typical. Is it a phase? Growing pains? The Mom, in particular, is faced with the daunting challenge of finding answers and help for her child. In a time where the impact of mental health challenges for families, parents, siblings and the community are just being realized -- this poignant story touches on a parent’s worst nightmare: What if you lost your child to a mental disorder? NO LETTING GO is a powerful, heartfelt and poignant story of the strength of family and the bonds that connect us. As a society, we can no longer afford to stay silent.

No Letting Go Website

Adult   104 minutes   2015   DVD-6015

SPLIT: Divorce through Kids' Eyes

In this powerful documentary, children share personal stories of divorce with honesty and depth.  Short chapters, such as "what happened,” "wishing,” and "what helps,” explore a broad range of experiences, and the diverse cast adds value to this remarkable film.


SPLIT website


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 Ages: 6-16 years   28 min.   2013      DVD-5002