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Advertising and the End of the World

Advertising & the End of the World features an illustrated presentation by Sut Jhally of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the producer and writer of the award-winning Dreamworlds II. Focusing directly on the world of commercial images, he asks some basic questions about the cultural messages emanating from this market-based view of the world: Do our present arrangements deliver what they claim-- happiness and satisfaction? Can we think about our collective as well as our private interests? And, can we think long-term as well as short-term? Drawing from the broad arena of commercial imagery, and utilizing sophisticated graphics, Advertising & the End of the World addresses the issues these questions raise, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own participation in the culture of consumption. Making the connection between society's high-consumption lifestyle and the coming environmental crisis, Jhally forces us to evaluate the physical and material costs of the consumer society and how long we can maintain our present level of production.
Ages:  High School/Adult           47 min.           1998            V-8

High School/Adult
Advertising, The Media and Your Health (cc)

Today's teens are often labeled Generation M because of the extent that media saturates their lives. This program examines how different forms of media encourage young consumers to smoke more, drink more, eat more unhealthy foods, and take greater risks with sexual behavior. Using the latest tools in brain imaging, the program also demonstrates how violent video games may make people more accepting of violence while increasing feelings of anxiety or vulnerability. This unique presentation reminds today's teens that as they become skilled creators of media - making their own films, music and blogs - they can learn to look critically at media tricks. Real teens deconstruct ads to expose the emotional hooks used to encourage teens to buy unhealthy products. This video and print package will help your students become savvy media consumers.
Grades 7 - College            20 min.           2007            DVD-4196

Grades 7 - College
The Killing Screens: Media & the Culture of Violence

Addressing specifically the question of violence and the media, The Killing Screens urges us to think about the effects of the media in new and complex ways. In contrast to the relatively simplistic behaviorist model that media violence causes real-world violence, Gerbner encourages us to think about the psychological, political, social and developmental impacts of growing up and living within a cultural environment of pervasive, ritualized violent images.
High School - Adult            34 min.           1994            DVD-5117

High School - Adult
Medios y remedios: La alfabetizacion de los medios de communicacion para la salud

Medios y remedios is a new Spanish-language media literacy CD-ROM addressing six key issues affecting the health of young people today. Designed to be used in classrooms, family discussions and other group settings, the CD-ROM helps teens become more critical consumers of media, so they can make more informed choices about their health. Medios y remedios examines media messages about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, physical activity, relationships and sexuality, and violence. It features 66 Spanish-language media examples from magazines, television shows and movies. Questions & answers accompany each media example, highlighting the explicit and implied messages, the persuasion techniques used, and how the media example might influence a young person's health decisions. The CD-ROM is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
High School - Adult            No time listed.            2002            CD-8022

High School - Adult
Selling Children: How Media Affects Kids

The 31.6 million kids in America today represent the largest generation in U.S. history. These kids - who collectively spend $200 billion each year on products and are a major target for advertisers and marketers - are recipients of a "marketing campaign that never stops." Messages about body image, self-worth and sexuality are everywhere in advertising. What is their impact on the health and well being of children and teens - and their parents' wallets? Experts agree that too often television, music lyrics, movies - and the advertising messages surrounding them - sell discontent, playing upon our children's youthful vulnerability. They say that media literacy, learning to understand these messages, can actually help kids learn to think for themselves. What can you do to help your children understand the power of the media - and become more critical thinkers? Watch Selling Children: How Media Affects Kids with your kids and learn ways to help kids become more aware of the underlying messages: how to decode them, question them and, ultimately, understand them.
Ages 5 +            21 min.           2007            DVD-5126

Ages 5 +
TARGETED! How Alcohol and Tobacco Companies Try to Get You Hooked (cc)

The tobacco and alcohol industries are famous for their attempts to target teenagers, most of whom are too young to legally purchase their addictive products. By targeting young audiences, these industries hope to recruit a new generation of faithful customers, despite the potential harm that their products may cause. This video explores the phenomenon of targeting young consumers, and will surely be an eye opener for students who may prefer to think that they're not being manipulated by ads and media images. Whether they're selling cigarettes or alco-pops, these industries are intent on convincing vulnerable teen consumers to risk their health and future by experimenting with these addictive and potentially deadly products. Targeted! unveils some of the most common "tricks of the trade" that tobacco and alcohol companies use to market their products. Follow-up activities in the Teacher's Resource Book will lead students into a further exploration of the tricky realm of alcohol and tobacco marketing strategies. 

Recommended resource for the Botvin LifeSkills Training program (NREPP Registry)

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Grades 7 - College                24 min.              2004                  DVD-3084

Grades 7 - College
Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity

While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century. In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that widespread violence in American society, including the tragic school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and elsewhere, needs to be understood as part of an ongoing crisis in masculinity. This exciting new media literacy tool-- utilizing racially diverse subject matter and examples-- will enlighten and provoke students (both males and females) to evaluate their own participation in the culture of contemporary masculinity.
High School - Adult            87 min.           1999            DVD-5121

High School - Adult