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Ad-Libbing It

Ad-Libbing It is an irreverent look at how advertisers try to hook young people on cigarettes and alcohol. Advertisements by tobacco and alcohol companies, often aimed to promote use of their products by special target groups have been effective...with devastating results. This humorous program exposes these advertising practices and shows viewers how they are being manipulated to smoke cigarettes and drink alcoholic beverages. Audiences of all ages are encouraged to be critical of advertisements and to take responsibility for their own health.
Grades 6 - 12            17 min.           1991           V-3000

Grades 6 - 12
Addiction Incorporated

ADDICTION INCORPORATED, tells the true story of how Victor DeNoble's unexpected discovery of an addiction ingredient in tobacco leads to both more addictive Marlboro cigarettes and Congressional testimony. The public revelation of long held tobacco industry secrets leads journalists, politicians, attorneys and whistle blowers into an unexpected alliance that achieves the first ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry. Victor's unwavering determination to "do some good" leads to a career as an educator that informs kids about the world's only industry where success is measured by a corporation’s ability to addict people.

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62 page curriculum guide

Grade Level: 8-12, College, Adult   75 min.or 35 min.version on the DVD

2013        DVD-3019‚Äč

Grade Level: 8-12, College, Adult
Anatomy of a Puff (cc)

Using scientific facts and targeted humor, program alerts viewers to the variety of toxic, carcinogenic and addictive substances found in every puff of cigarette smoke. A young host describes how nicotine is by some measures more addictive than cocaine and heroin, and how tar contributes to lung diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer. Describes the industrial uses of benzene, arsenic, cyanide, formaldehyde, and ammonia, toxic chemicals all found in every puff. Students learn that cigarette smoke contains radioactive polonium-210 and that a pack-and-a-half a day smoker absorbs a level of radiation equivalent to 300 chest x-rays a year! Viewers learn that it is not just smokers who are exposed to these risks. Thousands of nonsmokers die from lung cancer and heart disease each year from exposure to second-hand smoke.

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Grades 7 - College            15 min.           2010            DVD-3011

Grades 7 - College
California Dreams: Harley and the Marlboro Man

Jake's Uncle Frank (the one who taught Jake everything about being cool) comes to town and teaches Jake to smoke. Jake's friends try to pressure him into quitting using "tough love", but he keeps smoking. Jake comes to realize that he can't stop and asks his friends for help, but it isn't easy to quit. It takes finding out that his uncle Frank has lung cancer to finally make him stop smoking.
Junior High - Adult            30 min.           1994            V-3001

Junior High - Adult
Death In the West

This is a story about the highly publicized image of the Marlboro Man, who in reality are six real life cowboys, all dying as a result of their smoking habits. Only one of these men was still alive by the time this video was finally produced for the public. It speaks of the denial of tobacco industry executives who refuse to concede the health hazards of smoking.
Junior High - Adult           32 min.           1983           V-3002

Junior High - Adult
Decide to Be Drug-Free

Join Katie and Ozlot on an exciting journey into the Middle where they travel to the Tobacco Tar Pits and meet the mighty Smoke King, through Alcohol Falls where Rock Bottom just happens to drop by, and across Medicine Meadows where Rx Feelgood rolls in his Caravan of Cure-alls for a show-stopping performance.
Elementary            19 min.           1996            V-5033

Dusty the Dragon and Dr. Margie Hogan Talk About Tobacco

Elementary age children can help Dusty the Dragon make the right choice about smoking and smokeless tobacco, as nationally known pediatrician Dr. Margie Hogan puts tobacco on trial. Animated characters Handsome Heart and Lungs help reveal the truth about Nicky Teen and his gang, The Pack.
Grades K-3            11 min.           1990           V-3004

Grades K-3
Everything You Need to Know about E-Cigarettes, Vaping and Hookahs (cc)

This hard-hitting program challenges the belief, held by many students, that e-cigarettes and hookahs are risk-free, healthy alternatives to traditional cigarettes. It shows how in a typical hookah session a smoker inhales 100 times the amount of toxin-laden smoke that is inhaled smoking a cigarette. While e-cigarettes don’t contain the carcinogens that come from burning tobacco, the vapor does contain highly addictive nicotine as well as other chemicals whose health risks we are only beginning to understand. Viewers also learn that teenagers who start vaping e-cigarettes are more likely to later smoke regular cigarettes. The program looks at how e-cigarettes have become a multi-billion dollar industry controlled largely by tobacco companies, who use the same deceptive advertising techniques they have used with cigarettes. The DVD contains a separate four-minute bonus video on the dangers of vaping marijuana and alcohol.

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Grades 7-College   20 min.   2016   DVD-3003

Grades 7-College
Everything You Need to Know About Tobacco in 22 Minutes (cc)

This riveting and information-packed video provides a summary of everything students need to know about the dangers of using tobacco. Vividly illustrates the health effects of smoking using interviews of smokers ravaged by cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Identifies the toxic chemicals inhaled in every puff of cigarette smoke, including benzene, arsenic, cyanide, pesticides, carbon monoxide, and ammonia. Details the latest research on the effects of nicotine on the brain and discusses the new scientific findings that nicotine is even more addictive than cocaine. Shows how tobacco companies target young smokers to hook them while they're young and keep them hooked. Includes interviews with young smokers who describe how they got addicted to tobacco and why it is so difficult to quit. Presents quitting strategies of teens who have succeeded in kicking the habit.

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Grades 7 - College           22 min.           2010           DVD-3020

Grades 7 - College
I Can't Breathe. A Smoker's Story.

Pam Laffin, a 31-year-old mother of two young girls died from emphysema. In the program, Pam tells why she started smoking and what it was like to learn she had emphysema, a smoking-related disease for which there is no cure. Despite her debilitating illness, Pam was committed to sharing her story so others might learn from her. The 20-minute video, coupled with a Moderator's Guide, is designed to help lead classroom discussions with students about the consequences of cigarette smoking. The program has been created specifically for young people aged 11 to 14 years. The product is a joint effort between Massachusetts Department of Public Health and CDC's Office on Smoking and Health.
Ages 11 & up            20 min.           2001            DVD-3024

Grade 6 & up
Kickin' Butts: How To Put Out Your Last Cigarette

Have you ever wanted to quit smoking, but weren't sure exactly how? Follow Diane as she puts out her last cigarette and begins her journey to be nicotine-free. In this 24-minute program you'll find out exactly what to expect when you quit smoking and get tips that will help ease the transition to becoming a non-smoker. You'll find out tips, such as what are the 4 D's and what the rule of HALT is all about. You will hear from experts like Christine Mason of Addictions Recovery, who will tell you exactly what sort of withdrawal symptoms you can expect to have once you quit smoking. There is also information about how to keep away from potential triggers and where to get help and support. This program is also helpful to teach kids what to expect when a family member quits smoking. It helps them to see what an emotional roller coaster everyone goes through when a loved one stops smoking.
High School - Adult            24 min.           2000            V-3014

High School - Adult
Leader of the Pack (cc)

This entertaining, animated DVD helps young viewers recognize the dangers of tobacco use through the power of storytelling and compelling cartoon characters. Students will instantly connect with likable young Henry as he meets up with Smokey, an animated cigarette who wants Henry to join a secret club known as "The Pack." Smokey lures Henry into a special amusement park with spooky rides like "The Tar Pits", "The Amazing Aging Machine", and an exhibit called "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Smoking." Before long, Henry realizes he has been fooled....Smokey's club isn't cool, it's a prison! The DVD concludes with Henry's dramatic escape from the clutches of Smokey and "the Pack." Along the way, Henry has learned many of the hazards of cigarette smoking ---the Resource Book with fun activity sheets and cartoon-based puzzles accompanies the video. With Henry as the Leader of the Pack, students are sure to have fun as they learn about the perils of tobacco.

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Grades 2-6            16 min.           2003            DVD-3016

Grades 2-6
Let's Talk About Drugs

Margaret is happy to go birthday shopping with her grandmother, but unhappy about Grandma's smoking. Having learned in school that it's okay to ask a grown-up not to smoke if it's done politely, she talks to Grandma about how she feels. Grandma sees her point and gives Margaret a fun-filled, smoke-free day. Margaret had fun, but her feet got sore. She asks her father for pills to feel better. He explains that there are no pills for sore feet; he also reminds Margaret that she should take medicine only from him, her mother, or a doctor. From a cousin, Margaret learns the virtues of caffeine-free over regular soda; why alcohol is only for adults; and why trying on adult behaviors is not a smart thing for kids to do.
Grades K-3            16 min.           1996              V-3015

Grades K-3
Lighting Up: Gruesome Facts About Cigarette Smoking

Teens talk to teens in this straightforward, compelling video that explores the shattering consequences of smoking in the real world. Addiction, the dangers of secondhand smoke, health issues, dealing with peer pressure, corporate marketing tactics, self-value and advice on successfully quitting are the key aspects that make this a powerful tool in encouraging an adolescent audience to think about the risks involved with tobacco use.
Junior High - High School            20 min.           2004            DVD-3026

Junior High - High School
Media Sharp: Analyzing Tobacco & Alcohol Messages

Today's young people are bombarded with persuasive messages about tobacco and alcohol - messages that make smoking look normal, and drinking look cool. So learning to understand and analyze messages in the media is more important than ever. "Media Sharp" is a new tool to help your kids evaluate those messages and make healthy, life-saving choices.
Junior High - Adult              7 min.                1998                  V-3021

Junior High - Adult
No Ifs, Ands, or Butts: Smoking Kills (cc)

Hairy tongue, head and neck cancers, lung cancer, tar, phlegm, bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, people with laryngectomies and many other sights and sounds are presented in this definite look at the ravages of tobacco. Teen viewers discover that they are prime targets of tobacco related diseases. Video introduces viewers to young victims such as 20 year old Brandon Carmichael who lost half of his leg due to tobacco related disease and his inability to quit smoking. Program also alerts teen to the newest tobacco dangers of herbal cigarettes and bidis that attract teens with special packaging that makes this product look appealing. After viewing this video, students will come away with a lasting impression that tobacco use only leads to death and disease.

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Grades 7 - College            24 min.           2002           DVD-3073

Grades 7 - College
120,000 Lives a Year

Nine-minute video highlights one of the most urgent health challenges of the 21st century, from the history of paid product placement to the May, 2004, US Senate hearing, scientific research confirming the problem, growing youth activisim, and the reasonable, effective four-step Smoke Free Movies solution endorsed by leading health groups. 1. Rate new smoking movies "R" 2. Certify no pay-offs 3. Require strong anti-smoking ads 4. Stop identifying tobacco brands.
Grades 7 - College            9 min.           2005           DVD-3086

Grades 7 - College
Pack of Lies: The Advertising of Tobacco

Pack of Lies reveals, with powerful insider information, the deception of tobacco industry claims that they do not seek to addict children to nicotine. It provides important analytical background from which to view the current debate.
High School - Adult            35 min.           1992            DVD-5119

High School - Adult
Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer (cc)

ABC News’ World News Tonight has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, and the North American Quitline Consortium to provide viewers with a comprehensive look at the leading cause of preventable death in America: lung cancer. This compilation of WNT segments reports on issues ranging from tobacco-related public health policy, to the latest medical advances in lung cancer treatment and prevention, to the efforts of smokers trying to kick the habit during National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The 16 segments are The Power of Tobacco, What’s in a Cigarette, Smokeless Tobacco, Marketing to Kids, Teen Smoking, Women at Risk, Lung Cancer, Detecting Lung Cancer, Addiction, The Quitting Drug, Smoking Bans, Settlement Spending, and Smokers’ Video Diary, Parts 1 through 4.   


Adult   56 min.   2005   DVD-3022

Say Goodbye Joe Camel

This MTV style video uses lively visuals and music along with teen comments to reveal some of the deceptive advertising techniques used by the tobacco industry to target children.
Middle School            9 min.           1992            V-3028

Middle School
Secondhand Smoke: Triumphs and Tragedies

Secondhand Smoke: Triumphs and Tragedies is a 10-minute video that puts a human face on the issue by telling the stories of six individuals whose health was affected by secondhand smoke and/or who led local efforts to make workplaces and public places smoke free. The video also tells the stories of three communities that successfully implemented smoke-free policies. The video won the Gold Aurora and Silver Telly awards.
High School - Adult            10 min.           2006            DVD-3025

High School - Adult
Smoke Alarm: the Truth about Smoking and Mental Illness

Training for Change was central in the conception, production and debut of the nationally hailed video, "Smoke Alarm: The Truth About Tobacco and Mental Illness." Working with the Clubhouse of Suffolk, the video blew the cover off the baleful relationship between mental illness and smoking: "Over 70% of mental health patients smoke cigarettes. On average, they live 25 years less than the general population due to cardiac and respiratory illnesses." SMOKE ALARM recently won an award from NYAPRS NYC Mental Health Film Festival and was presented as a featured film at the NYS NAMI 2009 Annual Conference.

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Adult             19 min.          2006          DVD-3032

Smokin' Somebody Stop Me! Quitting Smoking, v. 2

Teens learn from teens in this engaging program about the importance of quitting smoking and about a variety of smoking cessation techniques.
Grades 7-12            23 min.           1999           V-3043

Grades 7-12
Smokin' Somebody Stop Me! Teen Smoking, v. 3

Students will learn from this entertaining yet informative look at the incredible impact tobacco has on society and the harmful health effects it has on their bodies.
Grades 7 - College            23 min.           1999            V-3042

Grades 7 - College