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Drug Education for Teens/Inhalants, v. 7 (cc)

It's tragic, but true: Sniffing readily-available household products kills. Inhalants explains the dangers of breathing in toxic substances with animations and graphics that illustrate what happens to the brain and body when it is exposed to poisons. Because no matter what you call it -- sniffing, huffing, ragging -- inhaling chemical fumes to get high is breathing poison. Students will learn of the extreme danger from the vapors of volatile solvents and will hear the terrifying stories of kids whose lives were lost because they weren't aware of the deadly ramifications of inhalants. A segment illustrates how abusing gases like nitrous oxide is far from a laughing matter. 
Grades 7 & up            23 min.          2004            DVD-77   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
Huffing: the Latest Facts About Inhalant Abuse (cc)

This gripping program shares unforgettable real stories of teens fighting their abuse of inhalants, as well as families who lost a child to inhalant abuse. Compelling interview segments include an Ohio police officer whose son died after a brief experiment with inhalants - which his friends assured him were a "safe way to get high" - and a recovering teen who learned first-hand that huffing inhalants is not only perilous, but can quickly lead to other types of drug abuse. National experts discuss the addictive nature of inhalants and clearly outline the damage these toxic chemicals cause to the brain, heart and lungs. Teacher's Resource Book provides follow-up assignments and reinforces the program's powerful no-use message.  2008 Notable Children's Videos.

DVD Format includes an Interactive Quiz. 

Grades 5 - 9             20 min.               2007               DVD-5114

Grades 5 - 9
Inhalant Abuse: One Huff Can Kill (cc)

This gripping program shares unforgettable real stories of teens fighting their abuse of inhalants (huffing), as well as two families who lost children to inhalant abuse. Another interview segment involves an Ohio police officer, Jeff Williams, whose son died after a brief experiment with inhalants. In between these true stories, a group of teens talk directly to viewers addressing the addictive nature of inhalants and clearly outline the damage these toxic chemicals cause to the brain, heart and lungs. The accompanying Teacher’s Resource Book provides additional follow-up assignments and reinforces the program’s powerful never-use message.

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Grades 5-10   20:09 min.   2016   DVD-5066


Grades 5-10
Mind Over Matter: Inhalants
For young teens (grades 6–8). Describes how inhalants, such as hair spray, gasoline, and spray paint, can cause nerve cell damage in the brain that can affect the body in a lot of ways.

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Psychoactive Club Drugs & Inhalants

This video examines drugs that are popular on the current drug scene, e.g., "rave clubs," private parties, and individual use. The first section of the video focuses on psychedelics such as MDMA ("ecstasy"), GHB and GBL ("blue nitro"), LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and ketamine. The second part of the video concentrates on inhalants such as nitrous oxide, volatile solvents (glue, gasoline), and to a lesser extent, volatile nitrites. The video emphasizes the reasons these drugs are used; the unpredictability of the response to psychedelic drugs especially when used together with other psychoactive drugs; the physiological and psychological effects of MDMA, GHB, and other psychedelics especially on mood and memory; the continued use and health consequences of nitrous oxide and petroleum-based inhalants; the impact of inhalants on the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, blood cells, and brain; treatment options for bad "trips," overdoses, and polydrug use.
Adult                 53 min.               2002               DVD-170

Research Report Series: Inhalants

Provides scientific research on the nature and extent of inhalant abuse, its potential health consequences, and hazards of chemicals found in commonly abused inhalants.

NIH Publication Number 12-3818 Printed May 1999, Revised November 2004, Revised November 2009, Revised July 2010, Revised July 2012.

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