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Club Drugs: the Real Deal (cc)

While drug use among teenagers has leveled off in the last few years, a dangerous menace known as club drugs offers an even greater threat to today's teens. The names for these easy-to-come-by drugs include Ecstasy, GHB, methamphetamine, Rohypnol (the date rape drug), OxyContin and many others. The video provides teens with information on the dangers of these drugs (including death from overdose) as well as information on evaluating their choices at parties where adult supervision may be lacking. This program gives students a strong "no-use" message.
Grades 7 - College              28 min.              2002                 V-101

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Club Drugs, v. 3

Ecstasy, GHB and ketamine are among a number of 'designer drugs' that are often taken by teens at clubs, parties and all-night raves. Club Drugs gives viewers an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the effects these drugs have on the user, both physically and mentally. First-person accounts powerfully relate the damaging and often lethal consequences of use, while vivid animations illustrate how these drugs can irreversibly alter the chemistry of the brain.
Grades 7 - College             23 min.              2003                 DVD-73   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
HOOKED: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way/Cocaine/LSD, Ecstasy and the Raves, v. 2

There has been a "drug culture" since the dawn of civilization. Sumerian cuneiform tablets from 3000 BC show a poppy harvest as do ancient Egyptian scripts and Greek statues adorned with poppy crowns. Far more recently, Freud sung the praises of cocaine that was included in the original recipe for Coca-Cola. But since the industrial revolution, drug use has changed dramatically society's response to this - particularly in America - has been to demonize users and make drugs illegal. HOOKED explores the world of illegal drugs, meeting with pharmacologists and scientists to learn exactly what effect they have on us and exploring the social and legislative changes that have transformed (and, some would argue, created) the drug culture of the 20th century. Outspoken advocates on both sides of the "war on drugs" illuminate this polarizing issue, and fascinating accounts and artifacts illustrate the role of drugs throughout history.
High School - Adult                   90 min.            2000                DVD

High School - Adult
MOLLY: Innocent Name, Deadly Drug (cc)

Molly, a pure form of Ecstasy or MDMA, is the new, hot drug of choice for many young people who falsely believe the drug is safe. Often handed out at raves and cut with a variety of dangerous substances, Molly is exposed as the grave danger that it really is. Interviews with former Molly users and  drug abuse experts drive home the message that taking Molly is playing Russian Roulette with your life.


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Grades 7-College   20 min.   2013   DVD-5045

Uppers and Downers: the Facts About Stimulants and Depressants (cc)

Hard-hitting docudrama presents the facts and provides expert commentary on how abuse of stimulants and depressants harms the brain and the body. After introducing a real teen who thought harmless stimulants would help him pull an all-nighter, an expert talks about the biological impact of using stimulants including caffeine, ADHD prescription medicines Ritalin and Adderall, nicotine, amphetamines, cocaine, crack, and Ecstasy (MDMA). Discusses depressants, including alcohol, barbiturates and sleeping pills, tranquilizers, Rohypnol and GHB. Stresses the highly addictive nature of these drugs as the body's tolerance increases, thus requiring larger and larger doses to get the same effects. The cycle of uppers and downers is examined, as is the escalation from lower level drugs like caffeine, to more perilous drugs.
Grades 7 - College           17 min.            2007              DVD-4199

Grades 7 - College