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Cocaine & Crack: A Craving for More

Cocaine & Crack: A Craving for More is an examination of the powerful stimulant cocaine and its smokable form crack. The video looks at cocaine's effect on the body's energy supplies and reward/reinforcement center; the neurochemical effects of chronic and high-dose use; the reasons compulsion and addiction develop; and treatment strategies when users want to recover. Precise computer animation, compelling interviews with recovering cocaine abusers, and excerpts from powerful treatment sessions gives a comprehensive view of the ramifications of cocaine use.

Adult                 35 min.              2003                  DVD-40

Cocaine and Heroin: Still Here, Still Deadly (cc)

I was 15 the first time I tried it. I was at my girlfriend's house. These words, spoken by a real teen in recovery, set the tone for this powerful video which recounts the stories of two teens that became ensnared in the dangerous and all-too-common worlds of cocaine and heroin abuse. Both teens describe step-by-step how they were sucked into trying the drugs for the first time, how they became addicted, and how incredibly difficult it is to recover from their addictions. Their harrowing testimonies will resonate with viewers and impel them to steer clear of cocaine and heroin. Program includes strategies for recognizing the dangers and avoiding these destructive drugs. A special section detailing the dangers of "starter heroin" is presented with a strong no-use message.

Preview a 3 min clip 

Grades 7 - College              21 min.             2007                 DVD-5010

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Cocaine & Crack, v. 4 (cc)

Cocaine is a highly addictive and widely abused stimulant. In Cocaine & Crack, students delve into the history of cocaine and examine this dangerous drug's impact on the individual and society as a whole. With vivid animations and gritty interviews, students learn harsh facts about the effects of using both the powder and crystal form of cocaine. This program explores the desperate cycle of tolerance, physical dependence and addiction that many abusers face and showcases the physical and psychological damage that occurs as cocaine changes the brain's chemistry.
Grades 7 & up           23 min.           2003           DVD-74   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up
HOOKED: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way/Cocaine/LSD, Ecstasy and the Raves, v. 2

There has been a "drug culture" since the dawn of civilization. Sumerian cuneiform tablets from 3000 BC show a poppy harvest as do ancient Egyptian scripts and Greek statues adorned with poppy crowns. Far more recently, Freud sung the praises of cocaine that was included in the original recipe for Coca-Cola. But since the industrial revolution, drug use has changed dramatically society's response to this - particularly in America - has been to demonize users and make drugs illegal. HOOKED explores the world of illegal drugs, meeting with pharmacologists and scientists to learn exactly what effect they have on us and exploring the social and legislative changes that have transformed (and, some would argue, created) the drug culture of the 20th century. Outspoken advocates on both sides of the "war on drugs" illuminate this polarizing issue, and fascinating accounts and artifacts illustrate the role of drugs throughout history.
High School - Adult                   90 min.            2000                DVD

High School - Adult
I'll Never Forget You

Len Bias was more than a local hero. Basketball fans nationwide looked to him as the best in college basketball. On June 19, 1986, University of Maryland basketball star Len Bias was drafted by the Boston Celtics. He celebrated by snorting cocaine, and died of a heart attack at the age of 23. Former college rival Johnny Dawkins hosts this tribute to Len Bias' talent and talks of the importance of saying no to drugs. Basketball coaches and players talk of the problems that kids face today, and how they can avoid getting involved with drugs.
High School - Adult                14 min.              1987                V-144

High School - Adult
La Cocaina y la fisiologia humana [Cocaine: Human Physiology]

A Physician clearly describes the chemical's damaging effects on the human body, using actual medical pictures.
High School - Adult                20 min.            1987           V-8002

High School - Adult
Second Half: The Thomas Henderson Story

Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson was the National Football League's first cocaine casualty. It cost him his career and, for a few years, his freedom. More importantly, Thomas has been clean and sober since 1983 and he has a message for young and old: "Life can be better. It can be different. You don't have to live this way anymore".
Junior High - High School                  30 min.            2003               V-8010

Junior High - High School